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Introducing the Ultimate At-Home Testosterone Testing Kit


Introducing the Ultimate At-Home Testosterone Test Kit

Unlock the Power of Your Hormones Today to Increase Your Energy, Libido, Muscle & More!

(Limited Availability While Supplies Last)

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Tired of Being Sick, Tired & Stuck in a Bad Mood?

 This is a great lab to test your testosterone that is accurate and easy to do. It's a saliva sample so its great for those who don't like pricking their finger to give blood. It's easy and quick - highly recommend!"
Richard S.
Glendale, CA, US

Take Back Control of Your Body, Mind & Health

Are you worried about your testosterone levels? 

Have you been feeling sluggish, lacking energy, experiencing brain fog, or experiencing a decline in your physical performance?

Regardless of what your doctor may tell you, those symptoms are not a normal part of aging.

And no, you shouldn’t have to just live with them…

Plus, low testosterone (“Low T”) is not just about how you feel, it is actually an early warning sign of these potential health imbalances:


Are You Suffering From Any of These Overlooked Symptoms of Low T? 

1. Fatigue & Low Energy

Low testosterone levels can lead to chronic fatigue and reduced energy levels, affecting daily activities and motivation. A study by Araujo et al. (2006) showed that men with low testosterone levels experienced significantly more fatigue than those with normal levels.

2. Decreased Libido 

Testosterone plays a vital role in regulating healthy libido. A study by Travison et al. (2007) showed that decreased testosterone levels were associated with a reduced drive in men.

3. Reduced Muscle Mass & Strength

Testosterone helps maintain muscle mass and strength. A study by Bhasin et al. (1996) found that reduced testosterone levels led to a decrease in muscle mass and strength in men.

4. Mood Changes (Irritability, Anxiety, Depression)

Testosterone plays a role in mood regulation, and low levels have been linked to mood changes, including irritability and depression. A study by Almeida et al. (2008) found that men with low testosterone levels were more likely to experience depressive symptoms.

5. Increased Body Fat

Low testosterone levels can lead to an increase in body fat, particularly abdominal fat. A study by Kapoor et al. (2005) found that men with low testosterone levels had significantly higher levels of abdominal fat compared to those with normal testosterone levels.

6. Reduced Bone Density

Testosterone helps maintain bone density, and low levels can lead to reduced bone density and an increased risk of fractures. A study by Orwoll et al. (2006) found that men with low testosterone levels had significantly lower bone mineral density compared to those with normal levels.

7. Poor Sleep

Low testosterone levels can contribute to sleep disturbances, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. A study by Barrett-Connor et al. (2008) found that men with low testosterone levels were more likely to report poor sleep quality.

8. Male Breast Tissue Enlargement (Gynecomastia)

Low testosterone levels can lead to an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone, causing the development of breast tissue in men (gynecomastia). A study by Kanayama et al. (2007) found a significant association between low testosterone levels and gynecomastia.

9. Hair Loss & Decreased Facial & Body Hair

Testosterone plays a key role in the growth and maintenance of facial and body hair. Men with low testosterone levels may experience reduced hair growth, as reported in a study by Kaufman et al. (2008).

10. Anemia or Reduced Red Blood Cell Production

Testosterone stimulates red blood cell production, and low levels can lead to anemia. A study by Bachman et al. (2010) found that testosterone treatment improved anemia in men with low testosterone levels.

11. Cognitive Decline & Memory Issues

Testosterone has been shown to play a role in cognitive function, and low levels may contribute to cognitive decline and memory issues. A study by Hogervorst et al. (2004) found that low testosterone levels were associated with poorer cognitive performance in older men.

 I am so glad I took this test! I had been having several different symptoms over the past few months and was convinced that I wasn't absorbing my nutrients well and that I was low on vitamins. My test showed just that!"
Kathryn B.
 (Jacksonville, FL, US)

Reserve your At-Home Testosterone Test Kit today while supplies last!

Limited Quantity at 50% Off

(New Lab Client Only Offer)

 So easy and exact. Perfect for a retest after the thyroid adrenal hormone lab!"
Brea S.E.
(Morehead City, NC, US)

You Don’t Need to Live with These Symptoms

The symptoms listed above are just the top 12 issues pertaining to low testosterone that I’ve seen from the leading scientific research-

For the past 22 years I’ve worked with thousands of clients in my practice suffering from these symptoms and were never able to pin down where it was coming from…

However, once we were able to run this exact lab test with just a small sample of saliva we had definitive proof of what was wrong and then how to go about correcting the issue naturally.

Now you no longer need to visit a lab or healthcare provider for answers…

With EquiLife’s At-Home Testosterone Test Kit, you can easily measure your testosterone levels with just a saliva sample from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Reserve your At-Home Testosterone Test Kit today while supplies last!

Limited Quantity at 50% Off

(New Lab Client Only Offer)

 Test was quick and easy. No complications and very simple to follow instructions"
(Hamilton, ON, CA)

Don't wait any longer to take control of your health

Order your At-Home Testosterone Test Kit now and start unlocking the power of your hormones today!

Accurate & Reliable Results

Our test kit uses advanced technology to provide you with accurate and reliable results. Developed by leading scientists, it is designed to ensure precision and consistency, giving you peace of mind in understanding your testosterone levels. Plus, saliva is even better than bloodwork at measuring free testosterone levels.

Simple & Easy to Use

We've made the testing process as easy as possible. Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process, ensuring a stress-free experience. Collect your saliva sample upon waking, mail it back to us in the prepaid envelope, and receive your detailed results within weeks.

Comprehensive & Insightful Report

Your personalized report will not only reveal your testosterone levels but also provide you with valuable insights to help you take control of your health. Understand how your levels compare to others in your age group and get tailored recommendations for improving your hormonal balance.

Privacy Guaranteed

We take your privacy very seriously. Your results will be kept confidential and only accessible to you through our secure online portal. Rest assured, we are committed to protecting your personal information and your results will never be shared.

Expert Support

Our team of dedicated health professionals are here to support you every step of the way. Have questions about your results or need guidance on the next steps? Reach out to us anytime – we're here to help you unlock your full potential.

Reserve your At-Home Testosterone Test Kit today while supplies last!

Limited Quantity at 50% Off

(New Lab Client Only Offer)

 I love that I can check my testosterone without breaking the bank"
(Chicago, IL, US)

Boost Testosterone Naturally

Understanding your lab results is the first step to taking back control of your own health in both mind and body…

However, if your lab results are less than your ideal range we want to support you in improving your results naturally.

So, not only will we supply you with your secure and accurate, personal results, we will also share with you how to naturally increase your testosterone levels through nutrition, exercise, scientifically-based supplementation, and a healthy lifestyle.

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Get Started Today

There has never been a better, faster, or easier way to test your testosterone levels, and then immediately begin to transform your body, mind, energy, libido, and life’s ambition with proven protocols used everyday in the real world to help men just like you improve their lives.

Do not put off testing your own testosterone levels and begin to feel a new sense of vitality, energy, and strength in both mind and body.

My team and I invite you now to get started and begin to change your life for the better today!

Reserve your At-Home Testosterone Test Kit today while supplies last!

Limited Quantity at 50% Off

(New Lab Client Only Offer)

How To Complete This At-Home Lab Test

 Simple easy to use in home testing. Clear easy to follow instructions."
Richard A.
(Hollywood, FL, US)
I wish you the best of health & happiness,
Dr. Stephen Cabral
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
Ayurvedic & Functional Medicine Practitioner

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And just remember, even after you’ve reserved your at-home Testosterone Test, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Stephen Cabral

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