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Inflammation: The Silent Killer

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 I am so glad I took this test! I had been having several different symptoms over the past few months and was convinced that I wasn't absorbing my nutrients well and that I was low on vitamins. My test showed just that!"
Kathryn B.
 (Jacksonville, FL, US)

Inflammation is known as the “Silent Killer.”

But why?

For starters, inflammation is connected to EVERY major disease we know of…

However, it is difficult to know if it’s elevated since it manifests itself as certain symptoms that you may be overlooking.

Some of those symptoms include:
  • Fatigue
  • ​Skin issues
  • ​Brain fog
  • ​Low mood
  • Poor endurance
  • ​Stiffness
  • ​Auto-immune
  • ​Sexual dysfunction
  • ​​Headaches
  • ​Pain
  • ​Rapid aging
  • ​… and much more
If you have any of those symptoms read on for the answer as to why…
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
Functional Medicine & Integrative Health Practitioner
I developed my passion for health & wellness after going through severe health complications at the age of 17. I saw over 50 different doctors, tried over 100 different treatment protocols, but still saw no hope of recovery.

It wasn’t until I met an “alternative” health doctor whom explained to me how I got here and how I could become well again, that I began my recovery process. It was at this young age that I knew my life would be dedicated to helping others rebalance their bodies and renew their health.

I now have seen and overseen over 250,000 private client appointments through our Global Functional Medicine practice called EquiLife where we ship at-home lab tests, supplements, and wellness protocols to people all over the world.
 I can't believe how high my inflammation was... I suspected it was high because of my joint pain and brain fog, but this test really showed me how high it actually was.  So glad I took this test and now fully understand how inflammation is affecting my overall health."
Justin D.
 (Austin, TX, US)

Everyone Is In Agreement

Often conventional medicine and natural health don’t see eye-to-eye on how to help people heal…

However, this is not the case when it comes to inflammation.

Unanimously, everyone agrees that high levels of inflammation is attributed to 90% of all disease and imbalances in the body and lead to faster aging…

The prestigious National Institute of Health states on their site that even “low-grade inflammation is associated with an increased risk of chronic degenerative disease.”

Is it any wonder then why in the US 75% of the $2 trillion spent on healthcare goes towards chronic health issues?

But did you know that unlike other root causes of disease, inflammation has one major culprit?

That’s right, there’s one factor that influences inflammation more than any other and it’s…

What we put in our mouth.

The Body Doesn’t Lie

Every bite of food either increases or decreases the inflammatory total body burden known as your “O6:O3 inflammation score.”

The problem is most of us think we’re doing just fine with our nutrition…

We feel we eat healthy most of the time-

The problem is that eating healthy has a lot of different viewpoints, but your body doesn’t lie…

What truly matters is how your body is processing omega-6 (inflammatory) fatty acids to omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) fatty acids.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the truth is your body needs BOTH.

However, when your Omega-6s go above a 3:1 ratio from omega-6 to omega-3 that’s when we start to have a problem.

A big problem that eventually can lead to dis-ease in the body…

Reserve your Inflammation Score Test today while supplies last!

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The Average American’s Inflammation Score

Guess what the average American’s Omega-6 to Omega-3 ration is?

It’s a shocking 18:1

And we wonder why the US ranks last in all nations for health and lives on average 4-6 years less than other countries even though we outspend every other nation on earth on healthcare!
You simply can’t out medicate inflammation either…

If you mask it in one area of your body it will simply manifest in another.

And that’s exactly why by the time people reach their 50s and 60s they’re on a handful of medications for everything from cholesterol, to blood pressure, to blood sugar, mood, and more…

“Did you know that there are more than 20,000 prescription drugs and more than 66% of US adults are on at least one with the average being four.”

There Is a Better Way

No, you don’t have to be perfect with your diet in order to master your inflammation score and heal your body…

You just need to know how far you are from achieving your 3:1 ratio and what will get you there.

The other good news is that I’ve seen people go from a 13:1 Inflammation Score (which is very common even for “healthy people”) to a 3:1 in just 6 weeks.

And after working with and overseeing over 250,000 health client appointments over the past 25 years I’d like to help you master your inflammation and lower your risk factors.

My goal is for you to live a life of:
  • Energy
  • ​Vibrancy
  • ​Ambition
  • Passion
  • ​Health
  • ​Happiness
But in order to truly enjoy the type of health that brings satisfaction of living a great life you must have robust health and vitality.

This means you must reduce and master your inflammation levels.
This test was super easy to complete and it was very valuable to understand how my ratio of omega-6 to omega-3's was WAY too high. I've been feeling much better and less inflamed after following some of the recommendations.
Jennifer K.
 (Los Angeles, CA, US)

How to Test Your Inflammation Levels

Since you may be new to the world of Functional Medicine & Integrative Health, what I’d like do right now is share how myself and other Integrative Health Practitioners test precisely what your Inflammation Score is:

It’s called an Omega-3 Test and it looks at the levels of omega-6s and omega-3s in your blood PLUS it actually digs deeper into the most inflammatory omega-6 called arachadonic acid (you do not want this elevated) AND the most anti-inflammatory omega-3 called EPA (epichonoic acid).

It may sound complicated but it’s not at all.

The results looks like this:
My team has made it easy now for anyone to plainly see what their Inflammation score is for their Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio and their AA:EPA.

Plus, when you get your results we share with you the anti-inflammatory nutrition plan and foods that help shift your numbers a little, or a lot, depending on what is needed.

Best of all, this at-home lab test can be done in the privacy of your home with no needles - just a couple of drops of blood collected on the test card (it’s simple and just like testing your blood sugar).

Here’s How to Complete Your Lab

This lab can be done by anyone from 3 years old all the way to 100+.

Since inflammation affects us all I personally run this lab yearly and I also have my wife and two daughters do the same.

It’s better to know than to guess and hope for the best - especially when the solution is so easy to fix and how much your health depends on it.

Stop Guessing & Test

Inflammation IS the silent killer and it’s why knowledge is power.

Once you master your Inflammation Score and achieve the 3:1 you’ll know you’re right where you need to be…

That’s the peace of mind we’re all looking for.

So here’s how you can get your limited-edition FREE Inflammation Test & Score:

How to Get Your Free Test Today

Each month I reserve 100 free EquiLife® Inflammation Tests for those new to our practice.

If you’ve never run an at-home lab test with EquiLife® or experienced the true healing power of Integrative Health I would like to gift this lab to you.

Many years ago, I had a mentor show me the path to getting well after a decade of health struggles and now I simply want to share that with others, as she did for me…

So this lab can be purchased for the everyday retail price of $99 on this Omega-3 Inflammation Test page, or you can simply pay a small shipping & handling fee of $17.95 and get this lab free today while supplies last.

✅ This at-home lab also comes with a video tutorial of your results and recommendations based on your Inflammation Score.

Reserve your Inflammation Score Test today while supplies last!

(New Lab Client Only Offer)

Your Privacy Matters

When you purchase an at-home lab from EquiLife® your results are NEVER shared with your health insurance, life insurance, pharmaceutical companies, your PCP, or anyone else beyond the processing lab, our team, and you.

We take privacy very seriously and that’s why I am also trying to provide an opportunity to run this lab outside of the typical data-sharing world of conventional medicine.

We are a family oriented practice and our 50+ team members not only use these at-home labs with their wellness clients, but also with their own families.

Plus, we only use world-class labs that take as much pride in helping people take back control of their health as we do.

Need Help? Contact Us Any Time

We’re also here to help, so should you have any questions you can simply email support@Equi.Life anytime.
And just remember, even after you’ve reserved your free at-home Inflammation Test we’ll be with you every step of the way.
 I am so glad I took this test! I had been having several different symptoms over the past few months and was convinced that I had massive inflammation in my body. My test showed just that!"
Kathryn B.
 (Jacksonville, FL, US)

Find Out Your Inflammation Score Today

With only 100 free Inflammation Score labs available per month I implore you to reserve your’s today.

It’s simple to complete and the results are fast and easy to access.

Plus, knowing your Inflammation Score and optimizing it will likely add years to your life-

Especially when you consider this research:

According to Albert’s data, increasing omega 3 blood values from 3.5% to 6.8% was correlated with a 90% reduction in risk of sudden death (a type of heart attack).

I‘ve seen just a couple of tweaks to a healthy lifestyle based on your Inflammation Score make drastic differences in people’s health and I want the same for you.

Reserve your free Inflammation Score Test today!
I look forward to hearing your success story soon,
DR. Stephen Cabral
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
Functional Medicine & Integrative Health Practitioner

Reserve your Inflammation Score Test today while supplies last!

Plus instant access to all of these bonuses now!

(New Lab Client Only Offer)

Still Have Questions?

We understand you may be skeptical or have additional questions - just know we’re always here to help so simply email support@Equi.Life with any questions.

Inflammation Score Test Bonuses

Anti-Inflammatory Food Guide

All completed lab results will come with an anti-inflammatory food guide when the results are in. This will be a simple to follow food list of the most anti-inflammatory foods and easy ways to add them to your daily nutrition plan (no matter what diet you follow).

Omega-3 Supplement Guide 

If you’re going to take an Omega-3 supplement, I’d like to share with you the research and science behind what products work and what don’t. It’s straight forward and will save you the time, effort, and frustration of deciding what the supplement facts panel (SFP) should look like. Again, this will all be clearly laid out on your Inflammation Score results page.

Highest Omega-3 Foods

In this exclusive guide you will find the top-rated foods that rank the highest in omega-3s. Plus, I will break down which ones are easiest to absorb and make the biggest difference when looking to improve your omega-6 to omega-3 inflammation score.

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Reserve your Inflammation Score Test today while supplies last!

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