Do You Know Which Foods Are Creating Inflammation In Your Body?

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The information I learned from doing this test gave me insight to why some healthy options were spiking my blood glucose - turns out I have a sensitivity to these foods and am now working through a gut healing protocol. Getting the additional information about Candida and yeast were helpful, too. The coaching was phenomenal - she made sure she had gone over everything and answered all my questions."
Kristin B.
 (Auburn, AL)

Have You Ever Experienced Any Of These Symptoms Of An Imbalanced Body?

Healing has to start with food…

But what if the healthy foods you’re eating are causing:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Skin issues
  • Join pain
  • Headaches
  • ​Allergies​
  • Or other health issues
Believe it or not, an IgG food sensitivity can cause all those issues and more.

Yet, most people have never tested their IgG food sensitivities before…

What Is an IgG Food Sensitivity?

An IgG reaction means a group of white blood cells, specially immunoglobulin G immune cells, saw a threat to your body and responded by attacking the foreign body.

In this case, the cause of the attack would be a protein in the food you are eating.

This attack by the IgG branch of the immune system occurs 24-72 hours after you ate the food-

And that immune attack is now causing inflammation in your body every time you eat these foods…

Now think about how difficult it can be to remember everything you ate at each meal over the past 2-3 days…

That’s why these inflammatory food reactions are so hard to detect without at-home lab testing.

$399 $279 Today Only!

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Easy Test

The kit comes with everything you need. Easy to read instructions made the test very simple to follow. No test tubes of blood, just a small prick of the finger and the test is done. Looking forward to the results!"
Anne l.
 (Wildomar, CA)

Don’t Guess. Test.

Here are all 190 foods that will be tested

One of the most popular at-home lab tests in the world is the IgG food sensitivity lab (shown in the video above).

It’s easy to complete and within weeks you get a personalized lab results panel showing you no, low, moderate, or high reactions to 190 of the most common foods you eat.

Your Sample Lab Results Form

Your results will vary based on the balance of your immune system and potential gut health imbalances.

The good news is that knowledge is power and once you know the couple of foods you may be sensitive to you can begin to eliminate them from your diet for the specified time before trying to reintroduce them…

By eliminating those reactive foods you should also start to feel a healthier level of inflammation in your body and less of the symptoms you may be suffering from now.

You will see and feel the difference!

$399 $279 Today Only!

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So much easier than an elimination diet!
Love this test! So much easier than an Elimination Diet. And super simple to do at home. Highly recommend it."
 (Aukland, AUK)

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Speak with a live, caring coach when your lab results come in.

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Food Sensitivity Test
I was not surprised by some of my areas as they only confirmed what I knew I had issues with but there were a few others I was surprised by. Its been four weeks since I have eliminated the items and I feel great."
 (Hamilton, OH)

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We’ll be with you every step of the way!

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$399 $279 Today Only!

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I wish you the best of health & happiness,
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
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Stephen Cabral

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